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"Find" with Regular Expression and "Replace" with escape characters

Jan 27, 2015 at 2:03 AM

I was trying to find 4 lines with the following Regular Expression:
\t+record(\"LEVEL1\") record_key(\"ABC\")\W+
\t+record(\"LEVEL2\") record_key(\"099\")\W+
\t+record(\"LEVEL3\") record_key(\"ABC_999\")\W+
\t+record(\"LEVEL4\") record_key(\"GB\")

and replace it with the following 4 lines:
record("LEVEL1") record_key("XYZ")
record("LEVEL2") record_key("088")
record("LEVEL3") record_key("ABC_888")
record("LEVEL4") record_key("GB")

I checked the "Use regular expressions" option and could locate the 4 lines. However, the "Replace" action actually put the two characters "\n" in the text instead of line breaks.
So, I also checked the "Use escape chars" option and press Find Only. A red exclaimation mark appeared beside the Find box stating "Unrecognized escape sequence \W".
It seemed once I checked the "Use escape chars", the program will treat the Regular Expression in the Find box as escape characters.
So my questions is:
Could I find with Regular Expression and "Replace" with escape characters?