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Replacing some strings in an xml-file

Jan 5, 2015 at 2:57 PM
bcp exports some data out of sql-server. To format the output one may generate a so called format.file, like: bcp "sqlserver_table" format nul -c -x -f "format_file.xml" -S SERVER -T
But now i need annother formating and want to change "CharTerm" TERMINATOR="\t" MAX_LENGTH and replace it with "CharFixed" LENGTH
...all in a batch.

fnr.exe generates the follwing command line:
"L:\Output\fnr.exe" --cl --dir "L:\Output\Output_FormatFiles" --fileMask "FormatFile2." --excludeFileMask ".bak" --find """CharTerm"" TERMINATOR=""\t"" MAX_LENGTH" --replace """CharFixed"" LENGTH"

This do not run!
1) If i remove then " in "L:\CoCo\Camp_Output\Camp_Output_FormatFiles\fnr.exe" the tools begins to work..
2) It finds only "CharTerm" and replaces it with "CharFixed" in GUI it works correct...